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What Causes Leak?

Causes like too much water pressure, loose connectors, clogged pipes, freezing temperatures, corroded pipes, tree roots, or disintegrated pipe joints can be the root of your leaking problem. We can come and troubleshoot where the leak came from and fix it fast and easy for you.

How Do You Stop a Leak?

In plumbing emergencies like this, it is best to turn off the main water valve and prevent water damage. If you can manage to pipe wrap the leaking part of the pipe, then you can do so. Learn more on how to troubleshoot common leaking problems. If it is worse than you think––don’t hesitate to call and ask a plumbing expert.


How to maintain odor-free pipes?

Foul smells often indicate a buildup of debris or potential blockages within the pipes, leading to bacterial growth and unpleasant scents. If foul odors linger in your plumbing, you can trust EMS for affordable solutions. Our expert team can swiftly fix your odor problems without breaking the bank.

Tips to Solve Leaks

Turn Off Water Valve

Turn Off Water Valve

Turn Off Water Valve

To avoid the expensive cost of water damage, make sure that everyone knows where the water valve is located to control any possible flooding.


Call a Professional

Our plumbing professionals can easily advise you on what to do over the phone before the team comes to the rescue. You may also get a FREE ESTIMATE over the phone to be guided.


Same Day/Next Day Appointment

We understand that plumbing emergencies need immediate attention. Call us and we will deal with your plumbing leaks with caution and immediacy.

To Let The Drain-Drain You


How Often Should I Maintain My Drain?

Maintaining the health of your residential plumbing ensures guaranteed safe water quality and perfectly flowing drains. Typically, maintenance for drains happens every six months to a year. Trust our team to keep your plumbing in top-notch condition, offering uninterrupted flow for your home.

How Can I Prevent Grease Clogs?

Preventing grease clogs in commercial plumbing, especially with grease traps, is crucial for seamless operations. Regular maintenance and proper disposal of kitchen oils are the most important key. We’re here to ensure your business stays free of plumbing hiccups, offering expert guidance to keep your grease traps clean and your operations running smoothly.


What Kind of Drain Services do I Need?

Chapman Plumbing offers traditional methods of draining cleaning and unclogging. Although, the hottest drain maintenance service in town is Hydro Jetting—it is a non-invasive and easiest way to clear up your sewers or drain pipes without worrying about tearing or wearing your pipes out.

Leaks and clogs won’t break your bones as long as Chapman Plumbing is on the line. Whether it’s repair or replacements, we got you on this.


Better Safe than Sorry!

Our number one priority is our customers’ satisfaction and of course—safety. By providing our specialty, clean, and solid plumbing services, we have played a role in the community with a huge honor and glory over the past decades.

How Can You Trust Us?

Providing unparalleled plumbing services since 1964, Chapman Plumbing never ceased to exist for a reason. With us, you can make sure you get the safe, fast, and reliable service you deserve. You can even call for a free estimate.

Are We Fast and Reliable?

Are We Fast and Reliable?

At Chapman Plumbing, trust and speed are our legacy. With over 50 years of delivering professional plumbing services at fair rates, we prioritize reliability and swift solutions to meet your needs.

Neighboring Areas We Serve in Alabama

Live a leak-free life by only trusting the professionals! Chapman Plumbing provides top-notch residential plumbing services and is just a call away in Alabama. Our plumbing professionals cater residential and commercial plumbing in: 


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Frequently Asked Questions

See some common questions and answers below.

Look out for signs like slow drainage, low water pressure, unusual sounds, or water stains. If you’re unsure, you can call us at
(205-236-5014) to assess the situation.

First, shut off the main water supply. Then, contact us immediately for prompt assistance.

Repair times vary based on the issue’s complexity, but our aim is always to resolve problems efficiently while ensuring lasting solutions.

Yes, we offer emergency services 24/7, including weekends, to address urgent plumbing issues.

Foul smells often indicate clogs or bacterial growth in the pipes. Chapman’s team can diagnose and resolve these issues effectively.

Avoid flushing items other than toilet paper and waste. If you’re experiencing frequent overflows, there might be an underlying issue we can address.