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Plumbing Tips: Garbage Disposal and Sink Plumbing

Many people might not realize that plumbing isn’t just about water. While water is almost always the primary concern, other aspects can quickly become problematic if not handled correctly. An excellent example of this is garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal stops working, there’s probably a problem with your plumbing that you need to address immediately.

Garbage disposals are helpful devices that will help you keep your kitchen clean and free of waste, but they also have potential issues if not cared for properly. Garbage disposal is a kitchen device to remove solid waste from food and liquid waste from cooking and washing. It’s one of the major plumbing jobs after your kitchen has been remodeled. Replacing appliances can also be something to consider before replacing your running sink.

On the other hand, when it comes to sink plumbing, there are two different types of drains: the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. A good plumber can do both types of sinks. The kitchen sink is used for washing dishes and cooking in the kitchen. It also serves as a garbage disposal for containers when water is high.

The bathroom sink is used for bathing, showering, and laundry. The bathroom sink is much smaller than the kitchen sink, so you need to pay more attention to it since water tends to flow faster through it. That said, many essential steps need to be followed by homeowners once the garbage disposal or sink plumbing is changed.


Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners

Are you fond of using liquid drain cleaners and using them often? Well, according to Laura Lee Pokavich, President of Gotelli Plumbing in San Rafael, California that using liquid drain cleaners may worsen your situation in your sink since some chemicals of the said “liquid drain cleaner” tend to be harsh and can cause a harmful effect on your PVC. Instead of using this “Liquid Drain Cleaner,” it is better to stick to traditional methods like plungers or drain snakes.


Never Pour Grease or Oil Down the Drain.

With this habit, you will destroy your sink or clog it quickly. Oily substances can build up in your pipes and cause a bigger problem later. Oily substances can block or stop waste from your sink and prevent it from flowing smoothly. So you should avoid pouring oily or fatty substances into your sink. Instead, a great tip is to line a bowl with aluminum foil and pour the stuff into the bowl. Once it’s complete, toss the foil or dispose of it immediately.


Don’t Put Your “Garbage Disposal” in the Ringer of Your Sink

Don’t just throw stuff at your sink, especially garbage, since it can build up and clog your drain, preventing the smooth flow of your sink. Just because you have tiny leftovers on your plate doesn’t mean you can throw anything in the sink. As small as it may be, it can always build up and cause a bigger problem for you later.

A proper way to do this is to make sure before washing your dishes, you always separate the leftover crumbs on your plate into a separate bag and dispose of them immediately. In this way, you can get rid of your “garbage disposal” with ease and not clog your drain or sink at the same time.


Use Cold Water and Avoid Putting Fats and Oils Down the Disposal

When you are washing your dishes or something in the sink, make sure to rinse it with cold water. Since cold water can take off the grease easily from your plate, the oil won’t clog up the drain, and it can also solidify the oil in that way; it allows the oil to travel smoothly down the drain.

You should also always use cold water when cleaning out your garbage disposal. This will help prevent any accidental injury from hot water or steam coming from the drain after turning it on. In addition to being dangerous, using hot water can damage or rust internal components of your disposal system if they are corrupted by acidic substances such as grease or fats.


Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Sink

It helps to do regular maintenance on your sink. There are professional plumbers out there who can do maintenance on your sink. With this, they will check and see if your sink is running smoothly, and if there are problems, they can also address and assess them. Handing this job to a professional has its perks since it will not only lessen your burden in doing such a task but also guarantee that your sink is excellent and running smoothly.


Look Out for Leaks

This tip also helps you keep your sink healthy and functioning well. Always check for leaks. Although you might ignore these checkups, it will surely help you in the long run. Leaks can significantly affect your sink plumbing because if you ignore leaks, they will waste a significant amount of water and can cause your water bill to rise. Of course, you don’t want to pay a hefty sum for a problem that can be avoided.

You can ask a professional to do it, and once you observe him or her, you will learn, and the next time, you will check the leaks yourself. If you experience a decrease in water pressure, see a puddle of water on the floor, or have a high water bill, you could leak into your plumbing system. Call a professional for help to avoid significant problems.


Use Ice Cubes to Sharpen the Blades.

Sharp blades are essential for your garbage disposal to function at its finest. Once or twice a month, grind a few ice cubes in the disposal to keep them in good condition. Ice cubes work best for this because their hard surface keeps the blades sharp, and the water helps to clean up the disposal.

Make Life Easier for You

Dealing with the sink daily is not on the top of your priority list every day and can be a hassle, but the proper knowledge and tools and following these tips will help you be more well-informed in taking care of your sink and disposing of your garbage correctly. Always be as clean and tidy as possible. Throw your waste properly, and don’t put it anywhere in your home, especially your sink, since it will clog up. When you are educated about these things, it will make life easier for you. You may not check your sink daily, but you can check the sink occasionally.

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