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Equipped with top-of-the-line materials and years of experience in the field, we offer you a wide range of unparalleled service to keep up with your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

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Drain Camera Inspection

In order to navigate and weave through pipe walls and drain lines (from 2” to 36” in diameter), our high-tech drain cameras are used almost every day to inspect sewer lines and other underground pipes.

Rooter Machine

Rooter Machine Plumbing

Your pipes and drains may malfunction due to INEVITABLE reasons such as corrosion, tree roots blocking the sewer lines, or organic buildup of food scraps. Our rooter plumbing is in demand to keep ‘em flowing!

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Sewer Line Repair and Excavation

When your sewer needs repair or replacement, chances you’ll need to undergo a type of excavation to get to the sewer pipes. We offer External Excavation, Interior Access Excavation, Re-Routing, Combination Methods, and more depending on what’s best for you.

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Leak Pipe


Whether it’s dripping faucets, leaking showers, or water pipe issues—we got all the tricks to stop your leaks. You can always tap us, we won’t tap out on your tap!

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Do clogged drains, dirty drains, or even gurgling drains just drain you out? Worry no more, we have the topnotch technology drain camera inspection to go through the nooks and crannies just to fix it for you.

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Repair and Replacement

Even your leaking tubs, dripping showers, or garbage disposals need some mending or replacement as it corrodes through time. We can tune-up, restore, or replace what you need to get rid of.

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Whether it’s an Upflush Toilet, Small Compact Toilet, Round Bowl Toilet, Tankless Toilet, Pressure-Assisted Toilet, Touchless Toilet, Dual Flush Toilet—we consider the efficiency of these different toilets, the plumbing system, and cost that fits your budget.

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You can choose from Electric showers, Mixer showers, Power showers, or Digital showers while we worry about the water pressure and boiler that’s best fit for you and your family.

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Not only the plumbing system is taken into account by our team, we offer you options for the core materials of your tub—whether it’s acrylic & fiberglass, metal & enamel, or even natural stone & concrete—name it, we got it!

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Our professionals plan and carry out the installation of your sink with ease: from proper placement to the countertop, thorough handling of sinks until installed, meticulous installation of faucets and knobs, and of course, sealants and c-clamps in perfect placement to top it of.

Water Faucet


Chapman makes sure you have an easy, quick, and leak-free faucet installation. From the supply line, to the valve stems, and even up to the aerator, our professionals always have it in-check for a your clean tap.

Hose Line

Ice Maker Lines

From planning the route of your ice maker line, to making sure the correct insertion of your ice maker tubings, and up to when you can go cranking some fresh ice cubes—we will walk you through the process til you get your Piña colada right!

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Underground Water System

Needing a potable water supply with just the right pressure? Give your shower or sinks the easy boost by investing on a long lasting underground water system with an ultimately clean and safe flow.

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Water Heaters

Get away from the scums of your old water pipes and call the experts at Chapman Plumbing. With us, you can count on our most reliable water heater installations for your perfect hot shower antidote.